What a Week!

The last week of August was a heck of a week. On Wednesday, August 26th, Van Buren Cty animal controls gas chamber left the building and was decommissioned. On Thursday, August 27th, Berrien county Commissioners stated that dogs & cats at Berrien cty animal control would no longer be euthanized using their gas chamber. The Commissioners gave the animal shelter 90 days to make that change. Then on Friday, August 28th, Cass county quickly followed suit with a public announcement that they would be making the change to EBI only by January 1, 2016.

That only leaves Branch County animal control as an “unknown”. Until today. We spoke with Sheriff Pollack who stated that the gas chamber that was in the shelter fire in May of 2015 was still usable and was not destroyed. They did not indicate that they were going to discontinue the use of the shelter. In fact, they indicated the opposite.  That leave Branch County as the ONLY county left in Michigan that would be killing dogs & cats in a gas chamber. Visit our facebook page for more on what YOU can do to help stop gas chamber use in Branch county.