Last Michigan Gas Chamber to Close!

On January 12, 2016, Branch County Commissioner Hazelbaker seconded a motion by Commissioner Houtz that Branch County Animal Control shall discontinue the use of the gas chamber for euthanizing animals. The motion carried. The state of Michigan is now FREE of shelter carbon monoxide gas chambers! Time to celebrate this great achievement!  Stay tuned…..we still […] Read more »

1 gas chamber County Left in Michigan

That’s right! You heard it here. Just ONE county – Branch County.  The Commissioners have made it very clear that they only want to hear from Branch County residents (Sherwood, Bronson, Quincy, Coldwater) only. If you are a Branch county resident – we need YOU to hand out FLYERS! For more info for Branch county […] Read more »

What a Week!

The last week of August was a heck of a week. On Wednesday, August 26th, Van Buren Cty animal controls gas chamber left the building and was decommissioned. On Thursday, August 27th, Berrien county Commissioners stated that dogs & cats at Berrien cty animal control would no longer be euthanized using their gas chamber. The […] Read more »

Gas chamber bill Introduced!

JUNE 16th, 2015: SB 403 has been introduced to end the use of gas chambers in Michigan shelters! Thank you to primary sponsor Marty Knollenberg and co-sponsors Rick Jones, Ken Horn, Tonya Schuitmaker, John Proos, Curtis Hertel Jr., and Jim Marleau. Please contact your Senator to ask for her or his support of this important […] Read more »

On to the full Senate for a vote…….

S.B. 354 passed out of the Senate Agriculture committee today with a 5-0 vote! On to the full Senate! Contact Senator Arlan Meekhof (click for his contact info) and politely ask him to support & vote for S.B. 354. Also, contact YOUR Senator and ask them to support S.B. 354 when a hearing is held. […] Read more »

Michiganders For Shelter Pets…Why We Need Your Support

Michiganders for Shelters Pets was created to help bring together Michigan voters, animal shelters, animal protection organizations, businesses and professionals in a coordinated effort to advance the welfare of Michigan shelter pets. This is not a lobbying organization; instead, it is a coalition to bring Michiganders together for a common purpose. Michiganders for Shelters Pets […] Read more »