Branch County Info Page

Hello Branch County Residents!

You are here because you want to help ban the gas chamber in your county. But perhaps you aren’t sure where to start…..we are here to help you out!Branch-Pic

FIRST: Making your voice heard by your County Commissioners is the first step. So who is your county Commissioner?  CLICK HERE TO FIND YOUR BRANCH CTY COMMISSIONER

SECOND: you can either call, email, write or fax your Commissioner. We are going to offer you a few templates to help. If you feel comfortable writing it yourself, by all means please do. You can use our letter templates as is or for even more effect, put your own personal touches on it. Here are 2 examples that could be used in an email, fax or a written letter to your Branch County commissioner:

LETTER 1 EXAMPLE                           LETTER 2 EXAMPLE

Perhaps you want to call your Commissioner also. Here is a short dialogue you could use if you called and spoke to your Commissioner:


THIRD: Now you have the basic info you need to contact them. But when you speak or write to your Commissioner, don’t you want to know the facts? Let’s get knowledgeable about gas chambers in your county! Here are a handful of items you can quickly read and learn a LOT about gas chambers and also the situation in Branch county. Most importantly, Branch county is the VERY LAST county in Michigan with a gas chamber! All other counties have stopped. We need Branch to be the last and make Michigan a gas chamber FREE state!

If you have read those 3 pieces of information, then you are READY to contact your Commissioner! Just remember, Commissioners are just like you and I – there is no need to feel intimidated or scared.  Most importantly though, be FACTUAL, concise and always be pleasant & polite.

For the most timely information on Branch County, check out our FACEBOOK PAGE. We post updates regularly about Branch County Commissioner meetings, any recent news articles about the Branch gas chamber and other up to date info.

If you find you have more questions, feel free to CONTACT US HERE. We are here to help answer your questions about speaking to your legislators.